Domestic Abuse Pathway for Young People

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Tuesday 4 June 2019 (09:30 - 13:30)

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South and Vale District Councils, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, ABINGDON


Young people experience the highest rates of domestic abuse of any age group. Abuse can begin even earlier than age 16 for large numbers of young people. Data shows that young people, including those below 16, can experience all forms of domestic abuse and the likelihood of experiencing high severity abuse is no different to adults. Indeed, the data suggests the levels of high severity abuse may be highest for the youngest age group (Safe Young Lives)


The 'Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Pathway for Young People' was an outcome of the Child J combined Domestic Homicide Review/Serious Case Review. Training has been developed following an audit of use and embedding of the pathway by the Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership for Performance And Quality Assurance (PAQA) in early 2018. A renewed version of the Pathway which takes account of changes in local policy and practice and new legislation has been relaunched in August 2018.

This half day course has been specifically designed to increase professionals' knowledge, skills and confidence in supporting young people experienceing and/or using abusive behaviours in their intimate relationships.

Aim: To raise awareness of domestic abuse in young people’s relationships and professional responsibility to follow the Domestic Abuse Pathway for Young People in Oxfordshire.

 Objectives (delegates will be able to):

  • Define domestic abuse and describe the dynamics
  • Recognise the impact of age on the risk domestic abuse presents to young people
  • Demonstrate ability to identify and assess risks by using the Young Person’s DASH
  • Be familiar with the Domestic Abuse Pathway for Young People and be confident in using this to manage the risk resulting from domestic abuse




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Abi Wycherley and Chloe Purchell

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South and Vale District Councils, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, ABINGDON

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