WEBINAR: Learning from the CSPR For Jacob • Update on the implementation of learning • Supporting families affected by Child Exploitation

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Thursday 27 January 2022 (14:00 - 16:15)

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WEBINAR session,


This 2-hour webinar is aimed at multi-agency frontline practitioners working with children and families in Oxfordshire, and has a focus on supporting families affected by child exploitation.

The session will provide an update on the implementation of learning from the Child Safeguarding Practice Review for Jacob, and what that means for practice in Oxfordshire. Delegates will hear what has changed following the recommendations from Jacob’s review, and what work is ongoing.

The session will include a reading of testimonials from parents and carers in Oxfordshire, on the impact exploitation had on their families, relationships and wellbeing, what worked well and what could have been better. To protect their anonymity, their words will be read by actors from Alter Ego Creative Solutions.

The aim is to further the knowledge and understanding of frontline practitioners in order for them to better support children and families who are affected by exploitation in Oxfordshire.


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WEBINAR session,

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