WEBINAR - Learning from Child K: spotlight on an unseen child

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Thursday 4 March 2021 (10:00 - 11:00)

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In November 2020 the OSCB published the findings of its historic serious case review into ‘Child K’, an Oxfordshire child admitted to hospital with severe weight loss in 2016. The review highlighted the increased vulnerability and risks for children who are less visible in communities.

The purpose of the review was to identify recommendations to improve safeguarding practice across all agencies. Recommendations made relate to health agencies, public health commissioners, NHS England, and Oxfordshire County Council’s children’s social care services.

The following themes were highlighted in common with other Oxfordshire case reviews:

  • Professional curiosity
  • Effective multi-agency working to see the full picture
  • Not being brought to appointments
  • Elective home education
  • Child’s voice not heard due to focus on sibling
  • Think family

This 1 hour live webinar will hear K's story, focus on the findings and key themes, messages and learning points for practitioners, managers and the safeguarding system as a whole. It will consider what has changed since and how practitioners can take the lessons learned into their day to day practice to improve outcomes for children.



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Learning event - WEBINAR


Alison Chapman and Jo Goodey

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