WEBINAR: Restorative Practice for Managers

Date & Time:

Tuesday 29 March 2022 (09:30 - 16:00)

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WEBINAR session,


This course is delivered via a live webinar which is trainer led.

Delegates must have access to a laptop or a computer as this session is not accessible via a mobile phone or ipad and it is necessary to set up a 'Microsoft Teams' account to access the session.


Restorative Practice is a term used to describe behaviours, interactions and approaches which help to build and maintain positive, healthy relationships, resolve difficulties and repair harm where there has been conflict. When we work with and alongside people, there is strong evidence to say that outcomes for children and their families are improved.


This 1-day online course will support managers and team leaders to explore what restorative practice means across a range of management contexts. The course aims to promote a system wide approach to supporting children, young people and their families by participants developing a better understanding of the relationship between Restorative Practice and improving children and young people's mental health outcomes (as summarised in Future in Mind).


The training will be delivered by The Mint House, Oxford Centre for Restorative Practice, in collaboration with Oxfordshire’s multi-agency training team. The training adheres to Restorative Justice Council standards. The session runs from 9.30 – 4 pm and course timings include both online training a short period of time off-line for self-directed learning. The course is interactive and includes small group discussion and exercises including skills practice.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the principles and values of restorative practice, the philosophy and mindset that underpin the approach and how these relate to management practice
  • Understand how restorative practice differs from other ways of addressing harm and conflict
  • Understand restorative language and themes that underpin restorative processes
  • Explore restorative management styles and consider best management practice
  • Understand the role of managers and supervisors in supporting the delivery of safe and effective restorative processes
  • Explore how restorative practice builds relationships within a team as well as addressing conflict when it arises
  • Reflect on the role of managers in developing a restorative organisation
  • Practice skills in relation to a 1:1 restorative conversation


Target audience:

The course is a 1-day multi-agency training aimed at managers and team leaders working with children, young people and their families.

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The Mint House, Oxford Centre for Restorative Practice, in collaboration with Oxfordshire’s multi-agency training team

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WEBINAR session,

(01865 815843 / oscb.training@oxfordshire.gov.uk)