WEBINAR: Neglect and Emotional Abuse 2-day course

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Monday 20 September 2021 (09:30 - 15:30)
Monday 27 September 2021 (09:30 - 15:30)

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WEBINAR session,


This training clarifies the spectrum of neglect in relation to a child's developmental trajectory. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to identify neglect and to explore the impact of neglectful parenting on a child's wellbeing.

This is a 2 day course and delegates must attend both days.

The major theoretical approaches to neglect will be examined and a range of tools and techniques considered for assessing the child's safety,the child's welfare and the needs of the primary carer. This will include an overview of the long term impact of physical, emotional and environmental neglect on a child.

Research on neglect has shown that it is possible to work with parents to address their own needs and those of their children, but it requires a co-ordinated and consistent approach from a range of services. The use of assessment tools, such as the Graded Care Profile and Multi-Agency Chronology will be explored, drawing on the content of Oxfordshire's Neglect Practitioners' Portal.

Within the training, there is also an opportunity to develop a range of strategies for working on a multi-agency basis to assess and prevent neglect, particularly with families where there is resistance, denial and little or no change. In such circumstances, practitioners will require the knowledge and tools to assess effectively in order to make criucial decisions about care proceedings in order to protect the child from significant harm.

Learning Outcomes cover:

  • An awareness of the definition of neglect and various types of neglect a child can experience, drawing particularly on the impact of physical, emotional and environmental neglect
  • Signs and symptoms of child neglect
  • The impact of neglect on a child's developing brain and its implications for child development across various domains -
    • Attachment/Emotional and Social Development
    • Cognitive Development
    • Language Development
  • Theories explaining the underlying causes of neglectful parenting drawing particularly on the impact of physical, emotional and environmental neglect
  • Interpretations of the definitions of neglect and an understanding of the legal context for intervention
  • Intervening too late: the cost to the child and to society
  • Utilisation of the 'Common Assessment Framework' and other tools (GCP2 and Outcome Star) to identify good enough parenting and toinform decision making on when parents are unable to make the changes needed in order to meet their children's needs and keep them safe
  • Overview of interventions for addressing problems of neglectful parenting
  • The impact on professionals dealing with issues of neglect

Course Joining instructions

The 2 Day Neglect course is offered via the virtual platform Zoom allowing delegates to carry out group work, open discussion and the sharing of videos and case studies. You will have regular breaks to ensure screen time is reduced. Participant numbers will be capped at 15 to ensure an effective and interactive learning environment.

The requirements for joining these sessions are to ensure you have the following: 

  • A Computer/Laptop with speakers, microphone and camera
  • A quiet area that you can be whilst undertaking the training or headphones to avoid background disruption

Time of training: 9:30 till 15:30 – You will need to join the virtual room at 9:00 to test your IT is working which is really important.

Please do not join through Citrix please join the session outside of here on the web browser. The joining instructions will be sent out to you at least a week prior to the date of the course by Anster Learning.

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WEBINAR session,

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