Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

As per our cancellation and non-attendance policy – detailed below.


During July and August 2020, the OSCB will be piloting the following webinar, trainer-led courses, as additional ways of providing learning during the temporary postponement of face to face courses during the COVID-19 difficulties:

  • Webinar: 'Early Help Assessment (EHA) and Team Around the Family (TAF)'
  • Webinar: 'Level 2: Awareness of child abuse and neglect 2020'

Places are limited and demand continues to be high, so please ensure that if you book a place, you are able to attend and if you need to cancel, you do so within the 6 day required timeframe. However, as these courses are being piloted during July and August, there will be no charge made for late cancellation or non-attendance during these two months only.

Please contact oscb.training@oxfordshire.gov.uk

  • The OSCB offers courses free of charge for those professionals in a current front line practitioner role to further safeguard children

Line manager details

On registration, you will be required to add your line manager details. This is for the following reasons:

  • Evaluation - Your manager will be contacted 3 months after your attendance at a course with a  request to respond to an evaluation survey of how the course has impacted on your practice
  • Payment - In the event of non-attendance, your line manager will be contacted to make payment arrangements for the £50 non-attendance fee 


Please add your own details under the request for Line Manager details.

Foster Carers

Please enter your Supervising Social Worker's details for Line Manager details.


As demand for OSCB courses is high and some applications may be unsuccessful, early cancellation is important in order that the place may be offered to another delegate.

You are able to cancel your own place 6 working days before the course by logging into the OSCB events page.

If you wish to cancel your place less than 6 days before the date of the course you must email us at oscb.training@oxfordshire.gov.uk  You will not be able to cancel your own place with less than 6 days to go. There will be a late cancellation charge made of £50.

For those courses for which there is a charge to book a place, a £10 deduction will be made to all refunds; this is due to costs associated with processing payments.  However, we are willing to move a booking to a more convenient date at no cost. Please contact the OSCB on the email below if you wish to pursue this option.

Non – Attendance and Late Arrival

If you do not attend a course that you have booked onto, we will email you and your manager / finance team (you would have given us these details when you created an account to book our events) for payment details.

All non-attendees will be charged the full amount of £50 for the course.

If a delegate is 30 or more minutes late arriving for the start of a course, Trainers will turn them away from the course and they will be marked as absent. It is a course requirement that delegates are not absent from the delivery of material for 30 minutes or more per course. 


Course Changes

All changes must be made via the OSCB Business Unit in advance by email; this includes the substitution of an alternative delegate / staff member for someone who is not able to attend on the day. In the case of a substitution for a delegate who can no longer attend, the person attending as an alternative delegate, must be a suitable substitution.

If a substitution has been identified after the end of the last working day before the training and it is therefore not possible to speak to a member of the OSCB Team, it is necessary for the substituted delegate to email OSCB.Training@Oxfordshire.gov.uk with the details of both delegates and the details of the course. The substituted delegate must also (1) sign the register on the day to provide evidence of attendance and (2) set up a user profile on the OSCB training portal. This enables the attendance to be recorded on the system and avoid any unnecessary charges, it also means that the substitute delegate can  download their certificate of attendance.

On the day of the training course, Trainers delivering the course will not have the authority to sanction additional or substitute attendees without the knowledge of the OSCB Business Unit and unsanctioned delegates will be turned away.

Unforeseen events / exceptional circumstances

We understand that unforeseen events/exceptional circumstances can lead to cancellation or non-attendance; in which case, the OSCB may consider a waiver of the non-attendance fee. You must request a refund at your earliest opportunity by emailing oscb.training@oxfordshire.gov.uk  The OSCB Business Manager will use their discretion in deciding whether a refund will be issued.

Please be aware that delegate sickness, or sickness of a dependent (including children) will not be viewed as exceptional circumstance and a non-attendance fee will still be payable.

OSCB Training Cancellation

Due to unforeseen circumstances, such as trainer illness or adverse weather conditions, the OSCB may be required on rare occasions, to cancel training with limited notice. If this occurs, the OSCB will not be held accountable for costs associated with the cancelled course, such as cancellation fees or related costs of releasing staff to attend courses or travel expenses. If Delegates are unable to attend an event due to adverse weather conditions, the fee for non-attendance will be waivered.

Privacy Policy

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Please make sure that you enter the following details when registering on the OSCB training booking system to enable the OSCB to make contact with you if necessary in the event of a last minute cancellation/change / emergency or for charging purposes in the event of cancellations of courses later than 6 days prior to the course and for non-attendance:

Delegate's address, including postcode

Delegate's personal phone contact details

Line Manager's/finance manager's email

Line Manager's phone contact details